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The Winter Long
Cover of The Winter Long
The Winter Long
October Daye Series, Book 8
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Toby thought she understood her own past; she thought she knew the score.

She was wrong.

It's time to learn the truth.

Toby thought she understood her own past; she thought she knew the score.

She was wrong.

It's time to learn the truth.

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    All pronunciations are given strictly phonetically. This only covers races explicitly named in the first eight books, omitting Undersea races not appearing or mentioned in book eight.

    Afanc: ah-fank. Plural is Afanc.

    Annwn: ah-noon. No plural exists.

    Bannick: ban-nick. Plural is Bannicks.

    Barghest: bar-guy-st. Plural is Barghests.

    Blodynbryd: blow-din-brid. Plural is Blodynbryds.

    Cait Sidhe: kay-th shee. Plural is Cait Sidhe.

    Candela: can-dee-la. Plural is Candela.

    Cetace: sea-tay-see. Plural is Cetacea.

    Coblynau: cob-lee-now. Plural is Coblynau.

    Cu Sidhe: coo shee. Plural is Cu Sidhe.

    Daoine Sidhe: doon-ya shee. Plural is Daoine Sidhe, diminutive is Daoine.

    Djinn: jin. Plural is Djinn.

    Dóchas Sidhe: doe-sh-as shee. Plural is Dóchas Sidhe.

    Ellyllon: el-lee-lawn. Plural is Ellyllons.

    Gean-Cannah: gee-ann can-na. Plural is Gean-Cannah.

    Glastig: glass-tig. Plural is Glastigs.

    Gwragen: guh-war-a-gen. Plural is Gwragen.

    Hamadryad: ha-ma-dry-add. Plural is Hamadryads.

    Hippocampus: hip-po-cam-pus. Plural is Hippocampi.

    Kelpie: kel-pee. Plural is Kelpies.

    Kitsune: kit-soo-nay. Plural is Kitsune.

    Lamia: lay-me-a. Plural is Lamia.

    The Luidaeg: the lou-sha-k. No plural exists.

    Manticore: man-tee-core. Plural is Manticores.

    Merrow: meh-row. Plural is Merrow.

    Naiad: nigh-add. Plural is Naiads.

    Nixie: nix-ee. Plural is Nixen.

    Peri: pear-ee. Plural is Peri.

    Piskie: piss-key. Plural is Piskies.

    Puca: puh-ca. Plural is Pucas.

    Roane: row-n. Plural is Roane.

    Satyr: say-tur. Plural is Satyrs.

    Selkie: sell-key. Plural is Selkies.

    Shyi Shuai: shh-yee shh-why. Plural is Shyi Shuai.

    Silene: sigh-lean. Plural is Silene.

    Tuatha de Dannan: tootha day danan. Plural is Tuatha de Dannan, diminutive is Tuatha.

    Tylwyth Teg: till-with teeg. Plural is Tylwyth Teg, diminutive is Tylwyth.

    Urisk: you-risk. Plural is Urisk.


    December 20th, 2012

    For you there's rosemary and rue; these keep

    Seeming and savor all the winter long.

    Grace and remembrance be to you both.

    —William Shakespeare, The Winter's Tale.

    THE WOODS WERE DARK, filled with strange shadows. They twisted and swirled independent of any light source, making the space beneath the towering sequoias look treacherous and wild. Not much in the way of illumination could trickle all the way down through the tightly-laced branches to ground level; the few streaks of moonlight that had managed to reach us were washed out and thin, managing to seem almost darker than having no light at all. Everything was permeated by the smell of redwood sap and the sea.

    We had arrived as a group, May, Jazz, and Quentin packed into the backseat like sardines, me behind the wheel, and Tybalt sitting rigidly next to me. He didn't really like cars under the best of circumstances. He liked them even less when there were multiple other passengers, since that meant he couldn't respond to an accident by yanking everyone safely onto the Shadow Roads. Call it a quirk...

  • Publisher's Weekly

    May 25, 2015
    McGuire continues the misadventures of changeling PI October Daye in this intense eighth urban fantasy novel (after Chimes at Midnight), which serves to wrap up and tie together many storylines from the previous installments. Toby Daye gets the shock of her lifetime when her old enemy, Simon Torquill—the man who turned her into a fish for 14 years—shows up on her doorstep, claiming he's been on her side all along. The shock compounds when she learns that they're related. Finally, it seems as though Toby will learn the true motivations behind the fateful events of so long ago, but the true mastermind is the last person she'd ever expect. Now Toby and her friends must face off against a terrifyingly powerful foe before the entire hidden kingdom of the Fae falls under the sway of evil. As usual, McGuire puts her heroine through the wringer, repeatedly pushing her to the brink of death in her quest to do the right thing. The tension is high, and the stakes have never been higher, as McGuire draws on elements all the way from the beginning of the series to deliver a pulse-pounding, often surprising tale. Agent: Diana Fox, Fox Literary.

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The Winter Long
The Winter Long
October Daye Series, Book 8
Seanan McGuire
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